Autonomy, power, style or size? LG has an X phone for every need

Very curious the road leading LG with their phones X, a series of devices that are not intended to be the perfect solution for all rather have a demure specifications in some detail that makes them special. It may be the camera, the screen, even the battery.

The Korean company has four new members to the X family, responding to quite descriptive names of their abilities: X power, mach X, X and X max style. Some of its features overlap with high – end phones, those who belong to the families G and V.

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LG X power, all for autonomy

Unfortunately, LG has not given too much information, so as to assemble a complete article with them, but we can anticipate some things that demand our attention. A good example is LG X power, which have gotten battery 4.100mAhwithout harming the design, in fact its thickness does not exceed 7.9 mm.

The thing does not end there, thought to be the model that advocates autonomy; we have also put a system of rapid charging, increasingly common in the mobile scene, but not in the lower ranges of phones. Another important fact: screen 5.3 inches.

LG X mach, as close to the high end

If we go to LG X mach, which offer us is more processing power, better display, and the latest in connectivity. Does not tell us what the chipset, but its six – core processor laps up to the 1.8GHz and engages LTE networks with category 9 (CA, 410Mbps download). RAM is 3GB device.

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The screen of 5.5 inches passes resolution has QHD in this model. The back is slightly curved to improve grip, where not needed fingerprint sensor. We also know that it is a Dual SIM phone, and no battery is wrong with 3.000mAh.

We ended up with the cameras, which look good in regards to specifications: sensor 12.3 megapixels on the back, with a pixel size of 1.55 microns. 8-megapixel sensor for the front camera.

Style and Size

The next variant by the name of LG X style , and as you can imagine, pulled by the design as a differentiators with a slimmer body and different curves. The last is called LG X max and bet on the phablet format, grow in size is its main differentiation.

Nothing about prices, nothing about the markets they are arriving, LG wanted to show just a little of its new X, which have a really interesting looking and look very interesting products for the catalogs of the operators.

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