The top end maintain or reduce size in 2016, are we asking for smaller screens!


A few months ago we talked about how the average screen diagonal was increasing over the years since smartphones dominance snatching the dumbphones. An average which rose from 5 inches a few years ago with the consolidation of the format phablet, but may be watching the sunset at least part of the releases: will we stop having a sad picture lovers screens below 5.5 inches?

If we look at the latest releases of end caps, we see that not only the majority are below what is considered phablet (i.e. from the 5.5 inches), but in many cases represents a decrease or maintenance with respect to the foregoing of those models. Beyond curves and metal, which seems trend now contain both terminals thinness and height.

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Web design: Here are the trends of 2016

Web design

Every so often you have to change style and feel younger. Just a haircut or a wardrobe change and here it feels better already.

The same happens with the e-commerce: to do so please users eliminate some poor from the template and change the shapes of the layout. Because? The reasons are many: make it more attractive and inviting, credible and competitive, but also fast and interesting eyes of Google.

If you want to open a new e-commerce or do a makeover in yours, who still has flash animations, you’re in the right place here is the 2016 trends in terms of web design!

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