LumiWatch, the smartwatch with a projector that would transform our arm into a touch screen

It is a somewhat futuristic idea, but over the years we have known projects and ideas that seek to provide smartwatch with functions that go beyond a simple clock with a screen. Just remember that Cicret Bracelet, which was more in good intentions. And now, under almost the same idea we get the LumiWatch, which to everyone’s surprise, is a project of Carnegie Mellon University, which means that at least one prestigious institution is behind.

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Does using our skin as a touch pad to control a smartwatch?


Despite carrying a few years between us, the popularity of smartwatches has not had the overwhelming response that many expected, this mostly by the limitations that still presents, as is a device that depends on our smartphone, a screen additional we avoid having to be pulling out the phone with each notification, although there are some attempts to make it more independent.

Another point that has not helped in the rapid adoption is the theme of the screen and limiting to interact with applications within such a small space, something that developers have met and few have been able to solve. But now we face an interesting project that seeks to solve this, making our skin serves as a touch pad to extend the capabilities of our smartwatch.

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