If you are looking for a laptop to play that is not dead, check out the Gigabyte Aero 14 with Nvidia GTX 1060


A laptop to play more or less in a position is quite difficult to find, and if you always find there are different fault the face: the price is very high, the designs are quirky, and in terms of size, is usually dead. Except for Razer and some other specialized brands, the market is pretty short if you’re picky.

Not long ago we present the Gigabyte Aero 14, a very interesting product in this complicated world: you have a pretty decent size, design inside and out is quite good, without fanfare, and well, its specifications are first. If the above updated and will put a new batch Nvidia card, it becomes a good deal.

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Your laptop should reject USB-C accessories which are not suitable, the USB-IF proposes a new specification

USB-C accessories

The adoption of the standard USB Type-C is in full swing, it is becoming easier to find devices, also in accessories. There are many advantages in this new type of connectors, since they are reversible, so they can carry more energy devices, going through a higher data transfer rates, which make them suitable even for work with video streams.

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