Vivaldi for Android, the browser that comes to the mobile to compete with Chrome, Firefox and company

Vivaldi for Android

Version 2.7 of Vivaldi is the one that can currently be downloaded for desktop systems, and at this time, the browser lands on Android. An operating system that continues to accumulate large landings such as a well-known browser despite the specific weight of giants such as Edge, Chrome or Safari.

Vivaldi arrives on Android respecting the maxims that have taken him to his position so far. Maxims such as personalization of the browsing experience for each user, or the emphasis on privacy for those who decide to use their platform. Now, Vivaldi is mobile and we have been able to try it firsthand.

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How to unlock Android if you forgot your code: 5 effective solutions

unlock Android

We recommend that you always use a PIN, password or face scan as a security measure to protect your phone or Android tablet from unauthorized access, regardless of which model you are using. But what can you do when you forget your access code?

Cannot access your phone anymore? Forgot your Android code? Do not panic! Because 90% have searched for “Forgotten Android Code” on Google, you cannot remember your unlock sign, PIN or password and you cannot get into your phone.

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TicPods Free: The Android version of the AirPods

TicPods Free

Mobvoi has launched its wireless headphones with a crowdfunding campaign that has obtained more than 2.8 million dollars. The TicPods Free are available in the Mobvoi online store and on Amazon at a price of 135.79 dollars from October 24, 2018.

The available colors are white, blue and red, everything depends on how much you want to draw attention. For our analysis we have chosen the red model, which tends slightly too orange.

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