Samsung is working on its own smart speaker with Bixby to compete with Amazon and Apple, according to the WSJ

Samsung Bixby

Perhaps we are having another war on the technological battlefield, although paradoxically less noisy. With the outbreak of virtual assistants it seems that there is another speaker, and after the latest proposal from Apple it seems that one of its direct rivals is brewing something and come information that Samsung is preparing a loudspeaker with integrated Bixby.

The assistant met him after months of rumors and was released with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, although he has experienced some delays in terms of his functions since his departure. Now, while it is coming in other languages, it seems that the Korean company also prepares a hardware product focused on the use of the own assistant, thus facing those of Amazon, Google and Apple among others.

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Samsung does not give up and shows us a new ‘semi-automatic’ mechanism for flexible smartphones

Samsung working on flexible devices is not new, we have over five years reading all kinds of news and seeing concepts, but so far no commercial device, since everything has been postponed one year to another argued that now We will see the first flexible device signed by Samsung.

The last promise suggests that we will see two flexible devices in 2017. But while this happens, Samsung has just introduced a patent interesting that evolves all the concepts that were presented to us before, because it is a folding mechanism that operates semi – automatically, yes, as they showed a few months ago in a patent for “artificial muscle”.

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If you want to play the computer in the TV lounge, attentive to Samsung: Steam Link on their TVs


Samsung likes to add services and features to their TVs to try to make a difference with competitors, mainly focused on LG. The next thing we will see – the Koreans have not yet been delivered – is the integration of technology Steam Link in their new TVs.

What does this mean? Therefore, be able to play on the big screen with what we have running on your computer. Valve is what has discussed the possibility at the conference Steam Dev Days that took place in Seattle, and so have given visibility specialists on the subject as Steam Spy. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement for details about models, dates, and possibilities.

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