Do you need to create the company website? Read these 10 statistics!

create the company website

Are you going to put online your company’s website or its e-commerce or a corporate blog? Stop for a moment! Did you take care of all the details that matter? Or did you take yourself in a hurry and an approximation? I tell you this because your business results depend precisely on the care with which you have created your web project.

For example, do you know that creating an institutional site or a corporate blog that respects the main rules of web usability can help you maximize lead generation? In other words: you cannot neglect the design and architecture of your site, if you want to sell online. Therefore it is not enough to know how to write to sell – even if it is an equally essential prerogative. It is essential to design a usable site, that is, that offers a satisfactory browsing experience to visitors.

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Web design: Here are the trends of 2016

Web design

Every so often you have to change style and feel younger. Just a haircut or a wardrobe change and here it feels better already.

The same happens with the e-commerce: to do so please users eliminate some poor from the template and change the shapes of the layout. Because? The reasons are many: make it more attractive and inviting, credible and competitive, but also fast and interesting eyes of Google.

If you want to open a new e-commerce or do a makeover in yours, who still has flash animations, you’re in the right place here is the 2016 trends in terms of web design!

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