How to prevent your carrier from knowing where you are navigating: VPN, DNS and pages with HTTPS

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Internet is not as private as many believed, and if it were not enough with the espionage of agencies such as the CIA or the NSA, now in the United States has voted that Internet service providers can share the navigation data of a User with a company or advertiser without requesting permission.

This causes many users to fear that the standard will end up imitating in other countries, and begin to worry about the navigation data that they share with their operators. If you are one of the worried ones, today we are going to tell you three simple methods to try to avoid that your operator knows as much about how, from where and in which pages you navigate.

The most important is the VPN, virtual private networks, because they hide the place from which you are accessing the web. But we’ll also show you the benefits of changing your router’s DNS, or why it’s vital for your security to try to always enter pages that are protected with HTTPS.

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