Total bet for the Sony Xperia X? Everything points to other families begin to lose weight

Sony is one of those companies that seem to want to kill many times – and it is not our intention – but always walks reinventing or mulling how to improve this impossible market of smartphones or their market shares, nor its financial results correspond to the value of their products, and seems to have much to do with knowing sold, or hit with the type of product you have to offer.

The debate already had with the death sentence of the Xperia Z, and that there was more to look at the catalog of products that will flourish in the new family Xperia X, which overlaps with them and not make much sense there both terminal like less in a company that you have to do is cut and hit.

Sony Xperia X
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But we forget that Sony has more telephones in lower ranges, and these new Xperia X will also end pestering, while in the presentations made by China company seems obviate them. There is a fairly strong bet on “Xperia X” and it looks like it will be the main focus – and almost only – the company until 2018.

We have good phone in denominations Xperia M, E and C, but it seems that weigh as little as Z. The idea seems interesting, if they enhance the brand cale deep on the market: they want to use Xperia X as a common denominator of a catalog.

If we look at what is brewing, rumors that move through the network, we see developing an “Xperia C6 Ultra’, which could well change its name in its official appearance, and become an “Xperia X Ultra’. We speak of a terminal with 6-inch screen, much larger than the three Xperia X presented, and a mid – range specifications.

Xperia third chapter

Of that presentation of Sony Mobile in China, we have some catches, and uses a ‘third chapter’ is anticipated in the history of the Xperia phones, where there is no room for anything other than the new family X. placed in a temporary strip that starts now, when the phones are to be sold, and ends in 2018.

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Where is the rest of the family? Do not paint anything in such an important summary of three chapters? In the first episode we talk about the embrace Android – 2010 to 2012 -. In the second from 2013 to 2015, the integration of everything that makes Sony within the phone. And for the latter, the Xperia X, with a powerful visual identification with the family, marking an X generously sized, logo that we will see much.

Nor can we take it for granted, is a presentation by the marketing team to discuss that Xperia X is very important in their next two years. The truth is that I do not care too much how phones are called, if there is a good deal at the different levels, and not leave us without an equivalent to interesting Xperia M, or strong Xperia Z. Read this blog for more like this review.

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