How to unlock Android if you forgot your code: 5 effective solutions

We recommend that you always use a PIN, password or face scan as a security measure to protect your phone or Android tablet from unauthorized access, regardless of which model you are using. But what can you do when you forget your access code?

Cannot access your phone anymore? Forgot your Android code? Do not panic! Because 90% have searched for “Forgotten Android Code” on Google, you cannot remember your unlock sign, PIN or password and you cannot get into your phone.

But do not worry, all is not lost. While the lock screens are deliberately difficult to overcome, I’ll show you a couple of potential solutions to get around the problem.

Forgot Android Code: Find My Device

The most immediate solution that comes to mind is to use Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager), the app that allows you to keep your data always safe and locate your device remotely at any time. You’ll only need to sign in to your Google Account (it will only work on the latest devices) but you can access this service from any device you want.

If the service has detected your Android phone or tablet whose code you have forgotten, click on the second button on the left: “Block”. You will then be prompted to enter a new password that will replace the current blocking method on your phone. Click on the BLOCK button again to confirm the new code.

If Find my device is not detecting your device, refresh the page multiple times. At the end you are sure that he will be able to geolocalize it. You can also try a hard refresh (CTRL + F5) that also clears the cache.

The “Forgotten sign” function

If you use a non-recent version of Android, which is 4.4 or earlier, you can use the “Forgotten sign” feature. If you have tried more than 5 times to unsuccessfully unlock your phone, a message will appear.

At the bottom right of the screen, you will see the “Forgot your sign?” Button. Click on it. Then enter the details of your Google account and you will be e-mailed the new unlock code.

unlock Android

Forgotten Android Code: Factory data reset

This solution, in case of Android code forgotten on the phone, is a fairly drastic measure. But if you’ve recently made a backup and the data left on your phone is not viable, a factory reset is a good solution to solve your problem.

To complete this step, as it is very sensitive, you will need information from your Google account.

The exact procedure for a total data restore will vary slightly from phone to phone, so check your model carefully. You will need to access the Android bootloader menu, then go to recovery mode. At that point look for the item “Clear data / factory reset”.

At this point you will be asked to enter your Google account information.

Short guide to perform a total reset based on your smartphone model

If you need to restore Android from a mobile phone that does not start, you’ll have to turn it off completely and turn it back on in Recovery mode. Keep in mind that you must hold down the keys until the Android logo appears.

Each device has a different key combination for turning on in recovery mode.

  • Nexus 7, Nexus 5 and similar press: volume up + volume down + power button
  • Motorola Droid X press: home + power button
  • HTC One: volume down – power button
  • Devices with camera key: volume up + camera

In the bootloader menu you can move with the volume up and volume down keys to scroll through the options. If you click on the power button, the selected option is activated.

Look for the Recovery Mode item to display the restore menu. Always using the volume keys, select the wipe data / factory reset option and then click yes to confirm.

The device will be reset to its factory state and all data in it, including installed applications, will be deleted. Remember that the / sdscard (internal storage space) is not affected by the procedure and the contents of any removable SD cards will also be left intact.

Excellent solution when you forgot the code to unlock your Android. Remember to periodically make backups to be ready in any situation, even the most extreme like this.

For the Samsung Galaxy series the procedure is different

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Press the Home button (the bottom button) and the volume UP button at the same time and hold them down.
  • Without releasing the two home and volume keys, also press the power button until the phone vibrates.
  • Then release all the buttons until you see a recovery console on the screen with the figure of a robot being repaired.
  • In the menu select “Wipe data / Factory reset” and press Yes with the power button.
  • Wait for the phone to reboot until the same menu reappears from which this time press “Reboot system now”.

Forgotten android code: Factory data reset on android device already unlocked

  • Open the Settings app of the device.
  • Touch System > Restore. If necessary, enter the PIN, sequence or password.
  • Note: If the settings are different, touch Backup and Restore.
  • Tap Factory data reset > Reset phone or Reset tablet. If necessary, enter the PIN, sequence or password.
  • Touch Clear All to clear all data from the device’s internal memory.
  • When the device has finished deleting, select the option to restart it.
  • Configure the device and restore the data you backed up.

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