Sony wants to transform our body into musical instrument through this strange bracelet

For years, music has influenced our bodies through dance, but Sony wants to end it, that is, our bodies in motion are those that influence music. Sounds interesting? Well, that’s what the Japanese company will present at the SXSW festival where they usually carry out their experimental projects.

This year has been no exception and are presented the Motion Sonic Project, which consists of a wearable bracelet equipped with technology that makes our body’s movements are transformed into music.

Sony musical instrument
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Motion Sonic Project

This huge bracelet is equipped with a six-axis sensor, which is able to detect the rotation, angle and acceleration of our movements, as well as three microphones that collect data of these movements to influence the music.

The bracelet can be placed on the arms or legs, and can be used several at the same time, even linking them with other people, so that our limbs could be transformed into individual instruments. With this you could apply filters to existing music or manipulate the sounds to create mixtures of different melodies.

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It should be noted that this is just a project in development stage, and during the festival, Sony showed a first prototype where those who tried it were left with very bad taste. For example, The Verge mentions that the bracelet is huge and uncomfortable, and relies heavily on pre-set movements and adjustments, which breaks with the idea that Sony wants us to sell in their promotional videos.

These videos show people literally “pulling” music from their limbs through a variety of movements, however, the bracelet must be linked to a smartphone and this one in turn connected to a speaker via Bluetooth, since the bracelet does not emit no sound as it does not have its own speakers.

Despite its “defects”, it should be mentioned that this is an experiment, something that according to Sony could have a future and become a family of devices. This is how the company has set up a show around this project, where we can see a lot of videos and demos that show us all its possibilities and applications, of course, from the vision of Sony.

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