Do you want to know more about Xiaomi laptop?

We stick months waiting for this became official and almost by surprise, we found the laptop Xiaomi, the first Chinese brand. Good design and specifications for a device with Windows 10 in which grace would be in the price, as is usual in the product catalog of Beijingers.

Apart from the keyboard, does not seem to bring one of these clunkers is as complicated as a mobile phone, so there are many people interested in learning more about them. I speak in plural because they are two, a 13.3-inch model, and a smaller one with 12.5 inches, both with their differences.

Xiaomi laptop
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Arrive “teardowns”

To go calming the urge to know, we go to China, there are already opening laptops to see how they really are inside and incidentally know the components at a deeper level. We remind that powerful of these clunkers is to offer a lot for little, or less than others: $ 750 for the larger, $ 525 for the small.

As usual when new Xiaomi products, the first shops and users that are made with them are teaching that have them, and it’s time to learn things we did not expect was a “teardown” as soon appear.

If you want to pursue the subject we invite you to see that they have done in Geekbuying and IT168. We here we were with that of Sami Luo, who teaches video larger model:

Allows us to better understand the care aspect of notebook, metal thin, the style of the MacBook Air or ZenBook. Also packaging that they are portable and accessories such as power supply or converter USB-C ports to more widespread.

The logo you see is set by the creator of the video, the laptop really does not have any logo and be us what we can customize it with one, or a surface that covers the entire lid. In this it seems to want to beat the competition in external customization.

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Batteries and memories

The first technical data we can draw from these publications is the battery. In the 13.3 – inch model you have a unit 5.107mAh or 39Wh. If we go to the small model, the battery does not decrease too: 4,866 mAh or 37 Wh.

RAM seems you cannot update, what we choose is on board and we cannot touch. We can say that the SSD configuration is more flexible, and it is possible to place two units: one standard – Samsung, 256GB, PCIe – and one that can add via M.2.

The laptop is easy to open, there are eight screws that remove aluminum cap bottom, removing a small rubber accessible. As for the rest of the video, it is interesting to see the performance notebook with real games, also they teach us some typical bench.

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