Quadro GP100 is the latest in Nvidia for workstations 16 GB of HBM2 memory and NVLINK

Well, the whole family is now converted to Pascal; if we have seen the GeForce GTX and the Titans go months ago, now it’s the turn of the Quadro. These are the graphics designed to place on workstations, so more than a mass product to play; this has a rather different destination, but no less interesting for those who follow the world.

Nvidia has presented at the SOLIDWORKS World event up to six new graphics cards, all with a professional destination, but the one that interests us most is the Quadro GP100. This unit presumes, among other things, to have 16GB of memory in HBM2 format.

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This is the most important model of this new batch, mainly for having a new GP100 chip that has in its interior 3840 CUDA cores and 240 cores in charge of working with textures. What do you get with them? As a power of 20TFLOPs in 16 bits, half if the operations are in 32 bits.

It is also notable for bringing technologies that are more modern to a price range within reach of many: we talk about the aforementioned HBM2 memory system or the NVLINK system. It will be the first to reach the market with that memory; it will do it in March of this year.

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The next interesting thing we have to know is that it can be placed next to an equal graph, that second Quadro GP100 would allow to reach the figure of 32GB in format HBM2, the call second second generation of high bandwidth (4096-bit, 720GB / Sec). The connection between the two cards is done through NVLink.

Not necessarily the most powerful graphics Nvidia has for workstations, a Quadro P6000 – first Pascal that appeared – may be better on some tasks (FP32). It is a product designed to release technologies that may come better to some specific customers, such as those that demand better memory performance (for example, CAD / CAE).

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The GP100 is very well loaded with connections, as usual in the Quadro family: four DisplayPort 1.4 ports and one DVI, thinking of placing many monitors or virtual reality. It also has the special support for synchronization of screens, called Quadro Sync.

We remind you that we are talking about graphics cards designed to work at high performance in applications for video editing, artificial intelligence, or that require many ideal calculations for a graphic processing unit, such as virtual reality. Tools for engineers and designers in Linux and Windows environments.

How much is this monster going to cost? Well we do not know yet, but considering that for a P6000 – top of the range – we were asking for $4800, for this GP 100 we will not expect less. The family is completed with Quadro P4000, P2000, P1000, P600 and P400 – next image – before we get to March, we will have more information about the top of the range.

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