Toshiba L200 announced new hard drives 2.5″ 500GB

Important news released today by Toshiba in a press release. You are looking for a hard disk 2.5″ to be mounted on your computer? Without catapult on the first available at the usual beaches, we recommend you pay attention to the model L200 500 GB.

Toshiba L200
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As you may have already guessed this is not a new real model, but rather a new memory cut to be added to the list of those available in the L200 series. But what are the characteristics dell’L200 500GB? First, the form factor: the product is in fact formed by 2.5″ characterized, however, by a thickness of only 7 mm that ensures that you can easily be embedded in your notebook – perhaps to keep company with SSD primary more predisposed to storing the operating system and frequently used applications, but it depends very much on the availability of slots.

The L200 has a 500 GB Interface SATA III / ATA8 well as an 8 MB proprietary algorithm for buffer management. Also present the TMR (Tunnel Magneto-Resistive) to provide greater stability and speed of the device in addition to an integrated anti-shock sensor that allows the ‘traditional hard disk to resist to bumps or vibrations.

Unfortunately there does turn up a bit ‘the nose of the disc rotation speed; the L200 500GB has a rotation speed of 5400 rpm that although it is not so low, compares unfavorably compared to other brands of hard drives with 7200 rpm speed. The price is not set by Toshiba for the 500GB L200, will arrival on the market from next month with two-year warranty.

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