Preventing Money Laundering with AML ID Verification

Something which continues to blight many parts of business in the UK and around the world is money laundering. There are many ways that business owners can work to combat this however – one of these is by using AML ID verification like this

Anyone who is investing will be asked to undergo this process to help prevent money laundering. This means that they will have to provide documents that state they are who they say they are. Identity theft and concealing identities is one of the most common tactics used to commit crimes related to money laundering.

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The person is asked to provide ID proving not only who they are – for example a passport, driving licence or birth certificate, but also where they live – this could also be a utility bill, a driving licence or bank correspondence.

Going through these checks then means that it is much harder to commit a financial crime, and all of the identification provided means that police are able to follow a path if they do have reason to suspect anything criminal is going on.

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Economies all over the world lose a lot of money because of money laundering, and this has become something that governments and organisations are determined to crack down on. It doesn’t matter the size of the investment either – just because it is small, it is still very important that these checks are carried out just as you would for a larger investment.

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