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If you have set up your own business or are looking to refresh your business branding, you can create a fully branded and functional website. Web design companies are incredible at what they do, and they often create beautiful websites that are not only functional but also pleasing to the eye, particularly to prospective customers. Your website is like a giant advertising board for your company or a product-based business; your website is your virtual shop window. Here are some interesting facts about the world of web design.

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  • Boredom sets in very quickly with people when they are browsing through a website, and if your website is slow to load, it is thought that over 45% of people will leave your website before it has even loaded if it takes longer than this. This is where you need to think carefully and consult with your web designer about any images, or multimedia items that you may choose to have on your website, as 39% of people will stop browsing a website and look elsewhere if it takes too long for the images to load, or worse still they don’t load at all. When you need Web Design Swansea, go to a site like

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There are many other areas for you to consider when looking into having a website created for you, but a good website design agency will take you through each step of the process.

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