Are we ready to talk to machines?

Talk to machines

Voice attendees want to escape the cell. The first to show what they can offer these solutions has been Amazon with its Echo, a product that has recently seen two new additions and has become an extremely versatile solution for users who go beyond the basic wizard and begin to take advantage for tasks of all kinds.

That seems to have ignited the spark of a segment that continues to focus on the mobile but it also seems to want to start offering their chances on other devices. Manufacturers want to make the voice problem. They want to talk to machines.

Humanizing machines

Why so many digital assistants have female names? It is a question with an answer that has led to recent debates about sexism but also has an obvious explanation. Professor of Communication at Stanford Clifford Nass explained already in 2011 on CNN,” it is a well established phenomenon that the human brain is developed to like female voices.”

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