D-Link COVR-P2502: Two WiFi access points Mesh PLC that aim to settle our connectivity problems at home

D-Link COVR-P2502

The deployment at a good pace of fiber optic connections is very good news. And it will be even better when this technology is available to anyone who wants to use it, even for those who live in small rural areas. And is that optical fiber guarantees us a very high Internet connection speed (at least 30 Mbps in the cheapest modes), as well as a symmetrical link that allows us to enjoy the same speed of upload that down.

However, there is a challenge in which the fiber optic can not intervene : the management of traffic and the connections that are established within our homes. Every time we have more devices equipped with a wireless interface (laptops, smartphones, tablets, televisions, video game consoles, etc.) that compete with each other to monopolize the bandwidth of our Internet connection. In addition, there is another problem that to a greater or lesser extent affects all of us who have a WiFi network at home: the quality of the signal and the coverage are not even homogeneous.

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