Huawei MediaPad M5, tablet with mid-range price and high-end aspirations

This year Huawei has not presented its latest high-end smartphones at the Mobile World Congress. But this does not mean at all that the Chinese brand has not taken advantage of the Barcelona event to publicize any of its new proposals. In fact, he has put before our eyes his new MediaPad M5 tablet, equipped with a 10.8-inch screen. And we have already had the opportunity to try it.

As you will see throughout this article, which gathers our first impressions about this proposal, this tablet has an ambitious configuration designed, without a doubt, to allow it to rub shoulders with the high-end tablets of other companies, but its price is very reasonable. This is precisely its greatest virtue: its attractive price / performance ratio. Scratch a little beyond the surface to see what this new MediaPad M5 offers us.

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