Internet is sick: Mozilla wants to cure it and protect its future


Mozilla is an organization known for its defense of an internet in which everything is open and in which it maintains that original spirit with which the network of networks was born. Things have changed in recent years, and there are several threats that have made the health of the internet at risk.

That is what has made Mozilla launch the so-called Internet Health Report, an initiative that investigates five themes: decentralization, digital inclusion, open innovation, privacy and security, and web literacy. The findings of the report are compelling, and we have talked about them with Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation.

Many challenges to overcome for healing

As the report’s findings indicate, there are major challenges that need to be overcome in order to try to get the internet on the right track. For example: despite the great advances in Internet adoption, 58% of the world’s population cannot afford an Internet connection.

Another problem affecting the Internet is the massive use of English, which has become the “native” language of the network: 52% of the websites are in English, although only 25% of the global population understands this language.

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