What advice would you give to someone starting out programming after more than 5 years doing?


The world of programming is based on continuous learning. Engage in software development requires always be aware of the new, of what is to come. Conformism and stop learning every day Aboca programmers to work exile. Sooner or later it comes. Any newcomer to the world of programming should be aware of it.

That said, we have all wondered, to a lesser or greater extent, if we retrain as programmers. Or more dramatically, if we get out of our comfort zone apparent, i.e. learn something radically new or even try another job prospects.

Always keep in mind the question is it time to retrain?

Ask this question from time to time is essential. Sometimes we do not realize that excessive workload prevents us from assessing the quality or type of work we do. We do not see how they have emerged other technologies or paradigms of work. Although our professional staff say that we are Senior we have not evolved as such.

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