5 Invitation Maker Tips with Adobe Spark

Planning a wedding is stressful enough on its own, but people often overlook the invitations themselves.

The wedding invitation is often the first taste or glimpse your guests will get of your big day, so you’ll want them to convey a similar vibe in a very small amount of space.

Of course, you can select invitations out of a catalog and mail them out that way, but what if there was a way to make your invitations truly your own?

The good news is, with Adobe Spark, you’ll be able to customize your invitations beyond your wildest dreams. Can’t find anything to compliment the rustic look you’re going for with your wedding? Or maybe you’re the nerdy type, and you just can’t find any appropriate invitations to invoke a spaceship.

Your worries are a thing of the past! Read on for 5 tips to make great wedding invitations with Adobe Spark!


The first step to creating fantastic and eye-catching wedding invitations is to plan out how you want your invitations to look.

What theme or vibe are you going for with your wedding? Do you like elegant simplicity? Maybe you’re going for more of a rustic look.

Take your theming into account when designing your invitations to make sure they communicate effectively. Don’t be afraid to search Pinterest or other sites for inspiration!


The great thing about Adobe Spark is that it lets you pick what format you want your wedding invitations. Gone are the days when it was mandatory to deal with stacks of paper invitations.

Adobe spark gives you the option to create a graphic, paper invitation, or you can opt for a web page or video to email to your guest list!

Pick whichever format is going to pack the most punch.

Color scheme

Your color scheme has more of an effect on your invitations than you think. You’ll want your invitations’ color scheme to match – or at least compliment – your wedding.

Take some time to think of an elegant color scheme that will make your invitations pop, and you’ve already won part of the battle.


It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of fonts when it comes to wedding invitations. Adobe Spark lets you customize your invitations with various fonts, or you can pick one from several free font resources.

Make sure your font echoes the vibe you’re going for regarding your wedding. Take a quick scroll through your options and try out different types. You’ll land on the perfect one in no time.


If you’re going the paper invitation route, you can’t forget about the envelope! While options exist to help you customize your envelopes, you can also add a great personal touch.

Add some flower petals for an elegant celebration, or some confetti to give joy to whoever’s opening it.

With a little spark of creativity, your guests will be delighted to receive your invitations.


With Adobe Spark, creating your perfect invitations has never been easier. Adobe Spark lets you customize your invitations beyond anything you ever thought possible, meaning your wedding invitations are truly your own.

Congratulations on your impending nuptials!

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