Data Management Tips Designed for Small Businesses

Sadly some companies have yet to discover the value of a stock control system, let alone data management. Yet even for the smallest firm, data management is both required by government legislation and a huge asset. When data is managed properly profits ensue.

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Data Storage Systems

It’s much simpler than it sounds. Adopting a consistent file naming protocol and keeping all documents in one place is all some firms need. Consistency makes it easier for both people and computers to locate needed documents and protect them.

Going a step further, documents can be indexed and retrieved from a database. NoSQL and Hadoop are examples, but many modern databases can be used. This allows access control to a much larger document library.

Data Storage Policy

Information is business critical, so plan how to handle it in advance. Define what to collect, the form it should take, the space it will need, the security measures required by the DPA and GDPR, backup and disaster recovery procedures. It’s wise to consult with an endpoint security management company such as, at this early stage.

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Firms outsource payroll, cleaning and security to specialists so they can focus on their own. The arguments for outsourcing data management are compelling. Administering networked databases and keeping abreast of threats and regulations gets complicated and expensive in-house. The overheads of upgrading equipment and software devolve to a service company too.

Another perk is expert advice. Your partner may suggest better ways to organise your information and share insights into how to profit from it.

Data Security

Cloud based solutions mean both data and applications are constantly replicated, allowing almost instant recovery from an IT or power outage, hacker attack, or natural disasters like fires and floods. Each year, 1 in 5 businesses suffer one of these disasters and many stop trading in consequence.

Data theft has become common and seriously damages your reputation. Storage companies have first class security on their servers, but threats can also come from within. A simple mistake can compromise your data confidentiality. Ask your partner for full “endpoint security management” and they will help you with data encryption and access control.

Unsecured laptops stolen from cars or left on trains have been the end of many a career, and uncontrolled use of thumb drives can transfer a backdoor virus.

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