How to Use 4K Video in Your Digital Projects

Displays which support 4K resolutions are becoming increasingly common, so it makes sense to ensure that your digital projects are able to take full advantage of this higher pixel count. Here is a look at how you can achieve this effectively using your website.

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Immediate Impact

Part of the benefit of adding 4K content to your site is that you will be able to get the attention of visitors immediately, reducing bounce rates as a result. And this is especially easy to achieve if you make compelling use of video as part of your design.

Many experts argue that video is the future of digital marketing, offering incredible engagement rates across a multitude of platforms. And the good thing about adding 4K video to your site is that it will also be effective when shared via social media.

Technical Considerations

Having the ambition to add 4K content to your site is one thing, but being able to execute it successfully is quite another. And there are some technical hurdles to overcome.

First, you need to shoot footage in 4K. You can upscale lower-resolution clips, but the results are not as impressive and savvy visitors will know the difference.

Also take into account that the extra detail afforded by 4K cameras means that things like lighting and production design should reflect this. With more pixels comes more scrutiny.

You can source professionally shot 4K footage and other media from popular stock image providers, but be prepared to pay more for the privilege.

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Get Dynamic

With 4K video on your site, you can make it feel like a more dynamic web presence rather than a static and quite old-fashioned store-front for your business or brand. Web development services offered by a professional London web design company can be a big help if you are having trouble realising your 4K dreams or lack the in-house expertise to make them attainable.

Integrating footage of a landscape or city vista that embodies the ethos of your company or is tied to the area in which it operates can be a good idea, creating a dynamic background for the rest of your site. You might even factor in footage captured from a first-person view for an even more intimate and impactful approach to this problem.

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