The Reasons Why Big Tech Companies Are Tuning In to Motivational Speakers

The tech sector is one of the most competitive industries. It’s a sector that’s heavily focused on efficiency, specifically producing more profits while driving the costs down.


But, here’s an interesting trend:

We all know that hiring motivational speakers costs money. However, these tech companies are gulping almost every known motivational speaker in sight. This might sound counterintuitive, but tech companies are realizing the power of motivational speakers. Most tech companies consider the costs as an investment rather than luxury costs. So, how does a powerful speaker add value to a tech company? That’s what we are going to cover in this article.

Great Stories

Well-known motivational speakers are skilled in the art of storytelling. Most people associate storytelling with kids. In reality, most adults are still captivated by stories without realizing it.

For most people, school is not a great experience. While we know that the lessons in school are very important, they’re rather mind-numbingly boring. Motivational speakers are very different as they still deliver powerful lessons but in the form of stories.

Now, you have an audience that’s captivated and ready to internalize all the important lessons and values that are important for the company.


Making an Impact

If you observe throughout history, charismatic speakers have the power to move the masses. In fact, Trump’s talks are causing a significant impact even on currencies and commodities according to a market analysis by CMC Markets.

Tech companies are realizing the tremendous impact of speakers, thus they are harnessing such power to move their companies to great levels of efficiency and profitability.

Boosting Morale

Running a tech company has its significant challenges. One of the major problems is the idea of consistency.


We all know that consistency is very important as it creates a reputation for being dependable, reliable, and trustworthy to the customers.

Here’s what you don’t know:

Asking employees to do the same thing every day will soon take its toll. At some point, employees will burn out, which then leads to a slump in productivity. This is where motivational speakers come into play.

The best motivational speakers have the ability to change the perspective of employees. It can help the workforce look at their tasks from a different angle. This change of perspective re-invigorates the workforce which cures the productivity slump.

Breakdown Resistance

The tech sector is notorious for its fast pace. For a tech company to survive in the long run, it needs to quickly change and adapt. On the other hand, humans are comfortable with the old and will usually resist change. Motivational speakers can help workers see the upcoming change as something that can be good for themselves and the company. In other words, motivational speakers can help breakdown resistances in the workforce.

Powerful motivational speakers are like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela who moved the masses into a new era. Rather than focusing on a political agenda, motivational speakers can move the workforce to new heights of productivity and efficiency.

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