Tips to Crack NEET Exam and How to prepare?

You should first collect all the required information like the syllabus, which chapters to choose?, where to begin? Also how to finish the entire syllabus by breaking it into smaller parts? And from where to practice and how to practice etc. You need to be prepared with the entire schedule without wasting much time thinking over it. So here are a few points you can start with;
Which books to choose?

Check out this link for the best books for preparation.

Here’s a summary-
Books for theory:

Concepts of Physics – H.C.Verma
NCERT Physics: CBSE PMT – Anil Aggarwal

1. GR bhatla publications – O.P Tondon

Trueman’s elementary biology Vol-I & Vol-II,
Companion biology by K.Bhatti (Dinesh publication)

Books for objective:

Physics for Medical Entrance Examinations by D.C Pandey (Arihant Publications)

O.P Tondon by GR bhatla publications,
A book by Arihant publications

Objective biology by Dinesh,
AIIMS explorer by MTG publication,
Truemen’s objective biology.

Tips to Crack AIIMS Entrance Exam

• Build the basics: The basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology need to be on the tips of the tongue of the AIIMS aspirants. The difficult concepts require more time to be understood. Therefore, such concepts should be worked upon well before the exam.

• Mathematics is inevitable: Though the sections in the AIIMS MBBS entrance exam largely include biology-based topics, it is still important to have a background in Mathematics. Physics and Chemistry sections inevitably involve mathematical calculations in certain questions. These few questions could just be the deciding factors for one’s success.

• Efficient time management: It is critically important to utilize time during the exam, and while preparing for the exams, as well. Though all the sections incorporate equal number of questions, certain sections are apparently less complicated.

Utilise the time saved in attempting your strong sections into attempting the weaker ones. Time-table and stipulated targets during preparations is the ruling factor for success in AIIMS exam.

• Practice makes a student perfect: Availing a test series and attempting tests with a time-bound approach while preparing for the exams is the key to leveraging the speed in the exam. Accuracy increases with continuous practice, which also improves a person’s ability to estimate certain answers without solving.

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