Three quick inbound traffic tips for website owners

Having gone to the effort to ensure a website accurately reflects the business and attracts customers, the next step is to work out how to get customers and potential customers to visit the website in the first instance. While some customers will be searching for the website, others will need to be directed. These three tips will help you to get the most out of your inbound traffic.

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1. Website content

Although the advertisements are obviously very important, the content of the website is equally so. Take the time to optimise the content with keywords. When looking at Google Analytics, for example, there are specific rules that will support certain websites when a query is entered into a search engine. Familiarising yourself with these rules will be very worthwhile.

2. Animated advertisements

Animated adverts, which can be created by agencies such as, are also vital when it comes to encouraging people to visit a website. When looking at creating the best possible HTML 5 ads, some key tips will help to maximise the traffic to a website:

Make sure that any animated advertisement is relatively short and clear to understand. Overcomplicated animated advertising can use too much bandwidth and be slow to load, which will be detrimental to the customer experience.

Having a strong call to action will also make it much more likely that an individual clicks on the website and becomes part of the incoming traffic.

3. Advertise on other platforms

Finally, incoming traffic can be gained through direct advertising on other platforms; for example, an ad on Facebook can encourage people to click a link.

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There is also the option of sending emails to potential customers with links to the website, which should be populated with high-quality content.

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