Although moderate, follows the drop in computer sales according to Gartner and IDC

We recently came the rumor that Microsoft was preparing an all in one (also all-in-one or AIO) could be the newest member of the Surface family. A rumor that besides being surprised by something new in the line of hardware so does the company to take the course of computers. A sectors we saw earlier this year continues of a drop in sales and remains the same, although at a different pace.

Here again it touches learn not by the manufacturers, but by analyst firms like IDC and Gartner, which often provide clues both distributions computers and other devices. In the second quarter of 2016, we see it is that again a drop in sales is recorded, although somewhat less pronounced than in the previous one.

Drop in computer sales
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Less steep, but decreasing

As usual, each company makes an estimate and not usually give the same value, but are usually figures are not far from each other. In this case, we have to Gartner estimates a fall of 5.2% of sales, with a total of 65.3 million units. IDC fall equivalent to 4.5% pointing to a total of 62.4 million units.

Whether in practice the real figure closer to an estimate or the other, the fact is that the downslope of sales continues in the second quarter of 2016after the previous six quarters. It is true that a lower percentage of these same firms targeted in the previous quarter (8.3% for Gartner and 10.6% for IDC), but as at that time sales were up to 75.7 / 72 million, now they stay at 64.3 / 65.3 million units respectively.

A new division of the pie

In the negative, Apple last quarter still rose more or less victorious as the only manufacturer not experienced negative growth over the same time in 2015. However, this quarter the Cupertino if they see a negative figure accompanied Lenovo, unlike Dell, HP, Asus and Acer (by a whisker) which recorded positive growth.

As for the smaller manufacturers, the figure is also negative in both cases, targeting 19.1% in the case of 16.8% Gartner and IDC. Despite this and previous data, the firms believe that the industry is experiencing some timid signs of improvement, especially the one that in other previous quarters have registered more modest decline.

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Differences by geography

In Gartner, they say that the fact that there has been a growth in sales in the United States and that both the second and third quarters are historically periods of purchases can be a good mattress for both Windows 10 and for computer sales in the country. Here IDC adds that the leading country brands are HP and Dell, Lenovo and Acer but also saw strong growth.

Things change when we talk about Asia, where there has been a 6.3% decline in sales and smartphones, however, as the foam rise. The firm aims in fact here is possibly having a substitution, and no wonder seeing the weight that some countries like India acquire in this market.

And the Brexit, has influenced? According to Gartner in the second quarter it has been no impact due to the election result. However, having been a drop in the British pound against the dollar, suggest that higher prices will be the consequence would be noted in the fourth quarter, again with a drop.

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