Do you need to create the company website? Read these 10 statistics!

Are you going to put online your company’s website or its e-commerce or a corporate blog? Stop for a moment! Did you take care of all the details that matter? Or did you take yourself in a hurry and an approximation? I tell you this because your business results depend precisely on the care with which you have created your web project.

For example, do you know that creating an institutional site or a corporate blog that respects the main rules of web usability can help you maximize lead generation? In other words: you cannot neglect the design and architecture of your site, if you want to sell online. Therefore it is not enough to know how to write to sell – even if it is an equally essential prerogative. It is essential to design a usable site, that is, that offers a satisfactory browsing experience to visitors.

create the company website

The Crucial team has grouped into an infographic – the one above, click on it to enlarge it – ten statistics that you cannot ignore if you want to create a web project that really works and that allows you to get results that impacts on ROI. Here they are …

1) 89% of consumers do a web search before making their purchase decision.

2) 60% of web users go to the company’s corporate website – or to the site of the product sold by the company – to look for useful information on both the manufacturer and the product to be purchased.

3) 75% of web users declare that the web design of a company website influences the credibility that the brand has in their eyes.

4) 17-50 milliseconds is the time frame in which a web user decides whether a site likes it or not.

5) 100-400 milliseconds is the average duration of an eyelash blink.

6) 2.6 seconds is the average time a web user makes a first overall impression of a site.

7) 94% of the first impressions we make are connected to design. In particular, web design that goes against what users expect to find on a site – that is, those that are now their browsing habits – can negatively affect their browsing experience. This means that breaking a standard in the name of creativity can be very dangerous.

8) Internet users dedicate very little time – a few seconds of attention – to the elements of your site’s layout, that is, to the navigation menu, to the search field, to the company logo, etc.

9) Users of the web are no longer so reluctant towards vertical scrolling: in 76% of the pages users scroll down. But also: 66% of their attention is dedicated to content “under the fold” and 22% of web pages are traveled to the end.

10) The responsive design has become absolutely essential: now smartphones and tablets are very common and widely used. In fact, 67% of users are more likely to conclude a purchase from a site that is also mobile friendly, 48% of users who have had a very bad user experience connecting via mobile to a site projects the negative experience on the company business, 62% of companies that have a mobile site have seen an increase in sales.

Here, these were ten tips to create a company website or a business blog that gets results. If you ignore them, you do so at your own risk: you are practically leaving money on the table for the competition!

Do not forget to do content marketing. In fact, having a website or a blog is not enough for you to sell online. You need to make it visible on the web, and this is achieved with content marketing and SEO copywriting.

And you, how do you see it? Do you have to put your company website online and have you thought about web usability? Or did you already do it and did you understand that you have to put your hands back on because it is not effective enough in terms of usability? Come on, leave a comment below and say yours!

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