Bose SoundLink Color II: The ideal speaker for all parties

If you are one of those who like to enjoy good music at any party or meeting with friends, you will need a good speaker to leave everyone impressed. We all like to enjoy quality sound anywhere. Music is the queen of all parties and to be able to listen to it, as it should we need a good speaker. Before to impress our friends with our DJ skills, a good pen drive full of classics was enough. Today we can improve that with a quality speaker. If you are interested in the world of sound, read the review we have prepared of Bose SoundLink Color II, a quality speaker with Bluetooth connectivity.

Take your Bose SoundLink Color II everywhere

The Bose brand is a lover of wireless sound. He has already shown us other times with products such as the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones. This time your cable-free style does not change. We propose a speaker to take with us to all summer parties. Many of the Bluetooth speakers are heavy, large and difficult to transport. All an inconvenience in the face of its use.

However, the Bose SoundLink Color II speaker is designed to be taken with us. Its weight of only 0.54 kg   makes it possible to take it anywhere without any effort. It weighs little and also takes up little space so we can take it to the beach or to the pool inside our bag or backpack. We can enjoy our music anywhere. Surely, you are thinking about something essential to listen to music, the drums. With its lithium-ion battery, we can have 8 hours of uninterrupted playback with just 3 hours of charging.

Bose SoundLink Color II

Technical characteristics of Bose SoundLink Color II

Brand Bose
Model Bose SoundLink Color II
Weight 0.54 kg
Dimensions 5.6 x 12.7 x 13.2 cm
Colors Blue, white, black, red or yellow
Bluetooth Yes
Device recall Remember up to 8 paired devices
Compatibility Tablets and smartphones
USB ports 1 Micro-USB port
Autonomy in reproduction (h) 8
Battery Type Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Loading time 3 h
Control by application Control your music through the Bose Connect app
Wireless Yes
Audio input Digital
Box contents
  • SoundLink Color II Bluetooth speaker
  • USB Cable
Waterproof Yes

Control the music you play on your Bose Color II from your smartphone

If we talk about wireless music, it is to be able to listen to it without ties. If we had to connect, our smartphone or tablet to the speaker using a cable this would no longer make sense. Just as if we had to be close to the Bose Color II to be able to pass the song, stop it or advance it. Therefore, we have the possibility to reproduce and modify what we hear from the specific application of this speaker, the Bose Connect. You can easily get it by downloading it from your device through the Play Store.

With this application, we can perform different actions. The main one is that we can access everything that encompasses our speaker. That is, it is not only useful to choose what we want to hear. We can also modify product properties. How to customize speaker settings or sound settings. It has the possibility to manage the connections of the devices that are paired with our speaker. Therefore, if at any time we get tired of controlling the music by ourselves, we turn the turn to another by connecting it directly from our application. As there is the possibility to modify the audio output, switching from stereo mode to party mode. The sound will adapt to our needs at all times with a single touch.

Bose SoundLink Color II, a speaker that resists everything

When we take a speaker to a party, we want it to resist all day and all night. For this, you need several things. The first essential is its battery. We need it to be durable. The Bose SoundLink Color II has a battery of up to 8 hours of autonomy in full reproduction. That is if we charge it completely for 3 hours. Therefore, we can play music in two ways. With the full charge, for 8 hours without stopping and when we are charging it. What is the conclusion we draw from this? The party with Bose SoundLink Color II will not stop at any time.

The second thing we need from this Bose Color II speaker to keep up with our parties is to be able to resist threats such as water. No problem, the Bose SoundLink Color II speaker is waterproof. It has an enclosure silicone shell. This, apart from providing a beautiful color, gives a series of very practical features. It allows you to carry it in our backpack without suffering any damage while making it waterproof. We can place it near a pool without fear because it will deteriorate.

With all the features and features that the Bose SoundLink Color II offers us, we cannot deny that we want one of these for our parties. However, your decision may not be so clear. Therefore, we have decided to resort to the classic of the Pros and Cons lists.


  • Dynamic design
  • Operation by application
  • Battery life
  • Waterproof


  • Some USB port would be missing

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