8 Google Maps Tips You Must Try!

Google Maps is perhaps the most widely used application in the world for finding your way around the world. Besides the basic functions we are all used to, there are some really interesting tricks. I have selected for you those that I considered most interesting, eight to be precise!

It seems hard to believe, but the Google Maps service was launched only ten years ago and has already become an indispensable tool for the lives of each of us both within our private and professional lives. In fact, since Google Maps is online we have inevitably changed the way we interact with road maps and more.

Thanks to this tool, it has become very easy to find the right direction to reach the new sushi opened recently or to take a trip by car with destinations abroad. Not to mention the usefulness of Google Street that allows you to experience the most exciting and wonderful places on the planet, while still sitting comfortably.

But besides the basic functions we are all used to, there are some really interesting Google Maps tricks. I have selected for you those that I considered most interesting, eight to be precise!

Google Maps

Search for planes

We are usually used to thinking that Google Maps is a great tool to get directions both when we need to reach our destination on foot or by car. But did you know that one of the tricks of Google Maps is to be able to search for air flights?

Just enter your current location and destination and you will be able to search for the route by searching for available planes. The service also allows you to enter the date of departure and return of your trip and will show you a list of possible departures with lots of filters based on time, airline, price and so on.

Finally, you will also see a link where you can buy your ticket.

Get the last train on the fly!

Surely, Google Maps is a very useful tool that comes to your aid with any means of transport you intend to leave. If you are a commuter or travel by train often, you will not find other Google Maps tricks like this!

Most trains don’t work all night and you’re afraid of missing the last train while you’re out and about, Google can help you easily check what time the last departure is. Just type in the destination, choose the train icon, then “Settings”, and select “Last” and “Done”. Google Maps will show all the latest trains and buses that you take home.

Save Google Maps on your device and browse Offline

Of all the tricks of Google Maps this is perhaps, the one used most by the most experienced users. In practice, if you intend to reach a place that you know will not have a web connection, simply save the map on your mobile device before starting the journey.

At this point, while you are connected to the Internet, you must enter the address in the search bar or scroll on the map to the area that interests you. Now type, or pronounce with the voice command, ‘OK Maps’ in the search box. The service has now saved the offline map that you can find under the “My Places” category in the app.

The advice I can give you, before saving the map, is to adjust the zoom properly to use the map comfortably around your favorite city! Finally remember that the offline map will be saved for 30 days.

Save your favorite places

This is really one of my favorite Google Maps tricks! Would you like to have quick access to your favorite places or simply save an interesting store or a good bar where you’ll want to go later?

Google Maps allows you to save points that are of most interest to you in a few seconds. Simply place a “pin” holding it in a position on the map, then tap the bar at the bottom and select the “Save” option. It is also an excellent solution to save home and work addresses on the map and reduce travel time to or from the places where we live and / or work.

Very useful even when you are abroad, for example, you can plan your day in the morning by selecting, in case you are having breakfast, the various places of interest to visit and let yourself be guided when you begin your visit.

One-hand zoom

We are all used to zooming in and out of Google Maps results on our devices using the classic pinch to zoom. But there are times when both hands are busy like, for example, while driving or while we are walking with a cup of coffee in hand.

And here it is useful one of the simplest, as effective, tricks of Google Maps. In this case it is sufficient to double-tap the screen and at the second beat keep the finger pressed down, then simply slide your finger up or down to zoom in and out. Rather comfortable!

Google Maps and the time machine!

In these years, Street View, in addition to showing us all the corners of the planet in person, has also collected a huge amount of images. Recently Google has introduced a very interesting novelty: being able to see how certain places have changed over the centuries. Practically a Google time machine.

To experience this particular virtual experience it is first of all necessary to visualize a specific place in Street View mode, then just click on the small icon in the form of a chronometer located at the top left. Now it will be enough to move the cursor along the horizontal bar at the bottom and to fascinate us in seeing how the weather has modified streets and entire cities.

Find upcoming events!

If you visit a new city, you will most likely be interested to know which events will take place during your stay. But searching for them by traditional means could take longer than expected and create more than one organizational problem. Google has introduced this beautiful novelty in the US since last October.

This is the ability to use Google Maps to get a list of events by entering the name of the place concerned or to directly choose a point on the map. Once you find the event, you can buy tickets directly through the Google app.

Change the route and avoid paying tolls

Don’t like the driving route offered by Google Maps? Just take the blue route line and drag the white dot to another road and immediately a new alternative route will be created to reach the same destination.

This could be particularly useful if you want to avoid taking high-traffic roads, areas with work in progress, or simply want to choose a more panoramic route to get away with the routine.

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