The gaming room according to CORSAIR

Over the last few years, the PC gaming market has been enriched by numerous proposals from various brands in the sector inspired by the world of consoles, so compact solutions, but high performance, extremely suitable for moving “the playing area” from the classic desk to the living room sofa.

Therefore, the first set-up of gaming peripherals designed specifically for “living room gaming” has arrived, designed to meet the needs of those users who like to relax, especially the weekend or the evening after an intense working day, directly in front of the own TV.

First CORSAIR with the LAPDOG, then ROCCAT with the SOVA Lapboard and, subsequently, Nerdytec with the COUCHMASTER, have come to this niche market with undoubtedly effective products, but with evident limitations to their complete use, one of the most to be wired systems.

Today we bring to your attention the latest evolution of gaming from the living room by CORSAIR, going to analyze three products that combine perfectly to give life to the only completely wireless board in circulation.

The kit consists of the DARK CORE RGB SE mouse, the K63 WIRELESS keyboard and the GAMING LAPBOARD dedicated to it, moreover, since the same peripherals can be used in the traditional way, we decided to also try the MM1000 Qi mousepad.


The DARK CORE RGB SE is the current flagship mouse as well as the first wireless model marketed by CORSAIR and has a Bluetooth 4.2 and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection with an update frequency of 1000Hz (1ms).

The ergonomic shape, which can be optimized through two interchangeable side covers, also offers high comfort for long sessions of play.

Being the top model, the DARK CORE RGB is characterized by an excellent build quality, offers nine programmable keys and is equipped with the proven Pixart PMW 3367 optical sensor of 16000 DPI already seen on GLAIVE RGB.

The mouse is available in two versions, the standard one and the Special Edition (SE), the subject of our review, which offers the possibility of charging in Qi mode.

Undoubtedly also the aesthetics, distinguished by an RGB customization on four different zones and managed separately through the CUE 2.0 and iCUE software.

Design Ergonomic for right-handedness
Sensor PixArt optic PMW 3367
Resolution Adjustable from 100 to 16000 DPI
Buttons 9
wheel Simple scroll
Main switches Omron 50M click
Lighting RGB with four zones
Connection Wireless (2.4GHz Wi-Fi – Bluetooth 4.2) and wired (USB)
Polling rate 1000Hz
Battery life Up to 16 hours with lighting and 24 hours without lighting
Integrated Memory Yes
Memorable profiles 3
Software CUE 2.0 / iCUE
Cable Braided in 1.8m fabric
Weight 128g
dimensions 127x89x44mm
warranty 2 years


Also the K63 WIRELESS, as the name suggests, represents the first proposal of wireless keyboard of the Californian company, a very simple gaming mechanics, in reality, whose strength lies in the “ultrafast” Wi-Fi connection to 2, 4GHz with polling rate of 1000Hz, in addition to Bluetooth 4.2 + LE.

The quality of the materials is also excellent in this case and, being a tenkeyless, the keys available in total are 87.

The backlighting is one-color per-key and on the market there are two versions, the standard one with blue lighting and the SE version with ice-blue lighting, while for the switches we have for both the CHERRY MX Red.

Format Tenkeyless, 87 keys
Layout Multiple Language
Switch CHERRY MX Red
Lighting One-color per-key, Blue (standard version) or Ice blue (SE)
Matrix 100% antighosting and N-Key Rollover
Additional keys Multimedia, lighting adjustment and WIN lock
Connection Wireless (2.4GHz Wi-Fi – Bluetooth 4.2 + LE) and wired (USB 3.0 or 3.1 Type-A)
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Battery life Up to 25 hours with lighting and 75 hours without lighting
Cable Single non-braided USB cable (2m)
Software CUE 2.0 / iCUE
Weight 1,09kg
dimensions 365x171x41mm
warranty 2 years


K63 WIRELESS GAMING LAPBOARD, this is the full name of the board designed specifically to host the first two wireless gaming devices of the CORSAIR home and give life to the best “flying” station currently available, to be used comfortably from the sofa at home.

Compared to LAPDOG, which was the first attempt of the American company in this niche market, this new solution stands out for its comfort and practicality of use.

The total absence of cables, together with a system of installation and removal of the keyboard very fast, which takes just a few seconds, allow you to easily move devices from the board to the desk, thus using the same kit for both your desktop PC and the living room setup.

Regarding the other similar proposals seen so far, the dimensions of the board are quite small, we are talking about 670x280x550mm, while those of the integrated fabric mat are 266x210mm.

The structure is mainly made of plastic for a weight of about 1.85kg and to hold it firmly on our legs we think a layer of memory foam padded about 30mm integrated with the base.

Compatible keyboard CORSAIR K63 WIRELESS
Integrated mousepad surface Fabric
Integrated mousepad size 266x210mm
Weight 1,85kg
Overall dimensions 670x280x55mm
warranty 2 years

MM1000 Qi

To support the DARK CORE RGB SE, the manufacturer has created the new MM1000 Qi, a 350x260x5mm hardpad, characterized by a micro-texturized weave ideal for both laser and optical sensors.

The CORSAIR MM1000 Qi integrates an LED indicator that provides instant information on the charging status and a USB pass-through port to connect Wi-Fi dongles or other devices using, if necessary, Micro-USB, Lightning Qi and USB Type- adapters C for smartphones and tablets.

First name CORSAIR MM1000 Qi
Type of surface Rigid micro-textured
dimensions 350x260x5mm
Additional features Qi recharge module, USB 2.0 pass-through
warranty 2 years

Enjoy the reading!

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