The five R’s, Re-cycle, Re-use, Repair, Reduce and Recover

The hot topics of the Environment, Climate Change and Global Warming are ones that are being debated all over the World.  From Politicians and climate change activists to ordinary, hard-working people, everybody is aware that our throw away habits have to change.  The five R’s have been used to help with this important cause, Re-cycle, Re-use, Repair, Reduce and Recover, little words but with big potential to save our planet and the future of our children’s lives.

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Every little change we make to stop wastage and use recyclable products like Small eco-friendly exhibition stands sourced from a professional, ethical, environmentally friendly company like  will help save the planet. Most local councils supply families with recycling bins for disposal of cardboard, paper, glass, tins, food and plastic.  Try to use this free resource as well as reducing what we throw away, re-use any practical items, repair broken ones, and recover others.  This last part of the five R’s is all about recovering potential waste such as oils that can’t be refined and burning them for energy.

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These smart ecologically, environmentally friendly procedures are for the benefit of everyone living on our beautiful planet.  By getting the richer, more influential countries on board we are creating a sustainable environment for future generations to come and reducing the impact on poorer countries, saving our natural resources and creating an environment that’s fit to live in.

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