How to succeed when running a small business

With the current financial climate being in such a Worldwide crisis, energy prices higher than ever and essential, healthy food items costing more than most families can afford, it’s a very difficult time to own and run your own business. In order to succeed in these difficult times it is imperative that you KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER, inside and out, make sure your product or service is filling a gap in the market and your prices are competitive.

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Do your homework, research any potential customers or use a professional company to help you find out about them.  Know who your client is, what they stand for, their ethics and ethos, understand their needs and what they require from you.  Build your business, client relationship up using honesty and diplomacy, never promise anything you can’t deliver on. You will have to be prepared to work long hours for little reward and sacrifice holidays and new cars for the foreseeable future.

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Stick to your principles, talk to your customers and do everything in your power to provide the best service or product for them that you can. Work hard, stay competitive, keep your ideas relevant and your costs as low as you can.  Small businesses can succeed during difficult financial times, but it takes grit and determination alongside hard work and sacrifice.  If you can continue to attract new customers and provide them with a great product or service your business will thrive and grow.

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