Samsung does not give up and shows us a new ‘semi-automatic’ mechanism for flexible smartphones

Samsung working on flexible devices is not new, we have over five years reading all kinds of news and seeing concepts, but so far no commercial device, since everything has been postponed one year to another argued that now We will see the first flexible device signed by Samsung.

The last promise suggests that we will see two flexible devices in 2017. But while this happens, Samsung has just introduced a patent interesting that evolves all the concepts that were presented to us before, because it is a folding mechanism that operates semi – automatically, yes, as they showed a few months ago in a patent for “artificial muscle”.

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Samsung’s flexible smartphone evolves, although we continue to see it

The patent has been submitted to the Intellectual Property Office in Korea, which shows a smartphone that is able to be folded in half thanks to a kind of hinge located in the middle of the body.

This hinge would bend the device side of the screen, which according to the patent would almost automatically, as when deployed the hinge will have a sort of lock to prevent accidental kinks, and to bend only need to activate a mechanism, With which this smartphone will change its design and size in the purest style of the old mobile of shell.

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The patent also suggests that in the outside can implement a secondary display, which will serve for quick glances when the smartphone be folded. Here we could access notifications and quick tasks that do not require the use of the entire screen. This mechanism would allow to have the components on the sides of the hinge, so it would not be necessary to manufacture other components, outside the OLED screen, capable of bending.

In all this time of development, it has already been other companies who have submitted their first developments and concepts of flexible devices such as LG case outside its Flex 2 only have seen screens; we also have the case of Oppo has also shown a prototype, but certainly who else has drawn attention in recent months has been Lenovo, who recently presented its first flexible prototype fully functional, curiously used a folding system very similar to What is now presenting Samsung.

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