5 tips for making a video for little money

We know that inserting a video in your profile on MusicaMatrimonio.it is easier said than done… especially if you have no videos! For this, today we have decided to give you some useful advice on how to deal with a low budget production to shoot your music video.

making a video

Now, if your dream is to become the next Stanley Kubrik, then this article is NOT for you. These tips are aimed at those who have no idea how to make a video of their band.

First of all, you should shoot at the highest possible quality, but it’s not a good idea to spend the whole budget on buying a video camera. When you upload a video to the web, it is compressed anyway, so there is no need to buy super professional equipment. But don’t use a bad camera! Sure, many viral videos were shot on a cell phone, but unless you want to shoot a weird lo-fi video concept, please use a real video camera.

Tips for making a video for little money

  1. You need to be 2 (cameras) to make things work.

If you are a little short on money, you have to make a decision between video quality and quantity of cameras. We recommend buying 2 cameras instead of a better quality one. Different angles will make your video more engaging. And in addition, you will have a backup in case you are wrong with one of the two.

  1. Light is more important than your video camera

Make sure your location is VERY well lit! The videos always come out a little darker than reality. If necessary, bring fairly powerful lamps from home. If you record an event during which you do not have control over the lights, postpone to the next event. Me if no one has anything to object to, increase the lighting more than normal.

  1. Audio quality can improve or spoil your video.

If you only use the microphones built into your cameras, the audio will be noisy and full of echoes and reverberations (if shot indoors). Microphones can be expensive, but the great recording can make you stand out from the competition, especially if you are a musician. If you can’t afford to go to the studio, rent or borrow microphones. And record with software like Garageband, Cubase or ProTools. For interviews, we recommend those microphones with tweezers that are applied to your shirt, or at least a normal voice microphone such as the Shure SM58. Keep Reading funny videos maker app

  1. The editing software you already have.

Most computers are sold with simple but useful applications for working on videos. Such as iMovie on Mac and Movie Maker on PC. And there is no need to attend a course to learn the basics. There are many video guides on the internet that show you everything you need to edit your videos.

  1. Resize your videos without losing quality.

You will notice that the size of the video files recorded by your cameras is very large. When you are finished editing your video, you can export the file with the video program. So that the file has the size and video quality you need. The two video software that we mentioned earlier advise you on the quality to choose for the web, a DVD and so on. But if you have old videos that take up a lot of space on your hard disk. There are many programs that can compress them until they are more easily managed, so as to free up precious disk space.

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