Opera includes a free VPN in your browser

The segment browsers is somewhat less moved a few years ago, but there is still moving forward with interesting concepts and one of the last to give a twist to these applications has been Opera. The developer version of the browser Opera integrates a free unlimited VPN, which is a useful solution for lovers and privacy advocates … and blocked by region, course content.

Many services are trying to offer a VPN to access those same advantages, but here we must tread eye. In the past we talked about the problems that can generate free use VPNs so have to watch closely Opera. For now the truth is that this capability works swimmingly: these are our impressions.

Opera VPN
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Easier impossible

As explained, activate the option is simple. Just open the browser, go to the menu Settings (Alt + P), from there move to the section “Privacy and Security”, and there we will see how just have to activate the “box Enable VPN “.

From that moment when you open a new tab we will see as shown in the address bar icon that shows we are browsing with VPN enabled. If you click on that button see consumption data -how we sailed through the virtually private network but also we can establish from which country we pretend to be surfing. In this version are allowed to use IPs from Germany, Canada and the United States.

Selecting any of these countries we can benefit from that layer of privacy that gives us navigate from an IP that is not really ours, and which among other things it allows us to access blocked by region and protect our privacy content . In fact the use of VPN Opera and this is especially interesting in countries where access to all services and web pages on the Internet is very restricted.

Netflix works! (For now)

The truth is that the idea of Opera is fantastic to facilitate the use of these virtual private networks, and once activated its use is completely transparent to the user, who simply notice that you can access websites that previously could not access and do in addition to an IP that protects your privacy.

That, however, has its consequences: As with any service of VPNs, navigation times are hurt. All it takes to load more and that makes access certain services may become somewhat heavier. In my tests I tested stopwatch in hand with access times several websites and noticed as effectively half those times were increased appreciably:

Despite this browsing experience it was very decent and ** except in exceptional cases ** there were no problems with those waiting, especially when you think that in exchange for those times you get these patents benefits over your privacy.

However the most striking is able to access services that are not available in our country or are you a limited extent. The best example of this capability is that Netflix works Of God, bring The Office (US) once to our catalog! We see US programming through this VPN, something that surprises us taking into account that the company takes time blocking VPNs.

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It is likely that this service remains therefore also locked in this option Opera, but it is only a small example of what we can do through a VPN that will allow access for example those YouTube videos that we are not allowed to see not be in the United States. The options here are many, and certainly this ability prevents us from having to take these disappointments when trying to access many resources for one reason or another cannot be accessed from our country.

How the VPN Opera works?

Actually the virtual private network service provided by Opera does not offer the company itself, but this option has the support and collaboration of SurfEasy Inc., a Canadian company-hence the IPs of that country offered between options- you are working for some time in this area.

Opera bought the company in March 2015 and although at that time only indicated that eventually integrating it into their browsers did not indicate when. They have been slow, true, but the result is enviable priori.

What is not entirely clear what wins Opera is offering this service for free, especially with the huge amount of resources needed to operate a VPN efficiently? It is true that through this capacity Opera share could rise in the market, which would also affect its revenue by search engines like Google integration, as in the case of Firefox.

However, that the current service is just one first step towards a more complete commercial offer that appeals to users who want to protect their privacy with more guarantees or companies that want also to have this kind of advantage. We will be very attentive to this initiative, which is certainly one of the most interesting movements of recent times in the segment of browsers.

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