Nokia phones that Microsoft did not let leave the laboratory

There has been a fairly complicated births Nokia period in the last two years, we are aware that there is more than one abortion on the road, but it is striking to see them grouped. All this began to happen when Microsoft took over the company.

He had obviously prioritize systems house and kill projects that were in development , but the reality is that there was more than one that was ready to go to market, or fairly advanced in their ways. Among them also there are interesting hardware with Windows Phone, so decisions were made taking into account more factors, we will know the most striking cases.

Nokia phones
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A collection

The last thing we have to teach is an image with a collection of pots unfinished. We had any news of rumors, like the green tablet, which respond to the name Lumia 2020. This would be a Windows RT, 8.3-inch screen and 1080p resolution and a place for SIM card and pointer.

The image accompanying the terminal canceled as the Lumia 650XL, or the next phone Android that was developing, the Nokia XL 2. All other devices are not identified, but as we had enough material development. In short, colorful and recognizable lines to terminals playing with the new logo of Microsoft and Nokia – the oldest – and he had quite striking camera modules.

McLaren, the high-end canceled

It is possibly the most interesting project of all canceled, and fortunately is the most know. With a furtive review that made the boys Windows Central, it seems clear that this prototype was very close to becoming something real:

For which Ande lost commenting called McLaren and planned to be a catalyst for Windows Phone to end the complicated 2014. His most exotic addition is the screen interaction “3D Touch” something similar to what Apple offers in its last iPhones, but without the need to touch the screen.

The 3D sensor working on this prototype, but there are things that could not prove, as the sensor of 20 megapixels used, which was limited by software to 8 megapixels. In terms of dimensions, because it was a phone with 5.5 – inch screen and full HD resolution.

It would have broken the schemes? Possibly it not, in general was an update of the Lumia 930, but we are sure there was a bit revitalized sales and orphan would not have left the company’s proposal for Christmas 2015.

Also wearables: A clock

Not everything would be phones and tablets, they were also playing with wearables as Moonraker. It was a smart watch that had very colorful and sporty, the Nokia style, as was an earlier Microsoft project to arrive, we did not see much sense to its commercial life.

It is rumored that was taught to people privately pass during the MWC 2015 and should have come on the market with the Lumia 930. In the images is not to tell a sensor for heart rate, but had all the earmarks of being a gadget with which we could measure our physical activity, and receive notifications.

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Honjo, with Windows 10

It is the youngest, and with Windows 10 inside. In this most recent season when Microsoft is canceled more teams, leaving the catalog on the Lumia 550, 650 and 950/950 XL scarce.

The Microsoft Honjo, yes Microsoft, was more advanced, according to the recreations already circulating on the network, the type commonly used in the presentation of products or advertisements. Relatively recently was seen in actual prototype phase, it expected some simple specifications: Snapdragon 210 and 720P screen.

And tablets: Mercury

Finally, a tablet, a place where Nokia had a fairly complete story but unsuccessful. In the future it is one of the products that we expect from the new company, which recently has played with the Android operating system: Nokia N1.

With the advent of Microsoft and the Windows system, the thing was revitalized, thinking that Lumia could be a good accompaniment of raw Surface. But they did not work well in the market, and there were cancellations as of 2020. There were more models in development, such as Mercury.

Very interesting to see that the design presented was that of the Lumia family, rather than pulling into the Surfaces. Moreover, looked like a big phone that tablet, mainly by those nonexistent frames posing on the front.

Nokia has shown on numerous occasions that have had ideas laboratories have then been used successfully by competition – all screen before the iPhone, flexible, tablets in 2001 -. Good for relaxation, for lack of courage, or that Microsoft canceled, we were with a Nokia that could be more.

All this that I have taught, even ideas that have passed through your head, what would you like to see on the market?

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