Nokia 8: Much Muscle and Double Zeiss Camera For a Highly Anticipated High-End

Nokia 8

At the beginning of the year the long-awaited return of Nokia was confirmed at the hands of Nokia 6. At the MWC we met its little brothers, the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3, but although we already had a catalog of three models it seemed that Nokia’s return did not It had been completed. The missing piece is here, its name is Nokia 8 and it comes to compete face to face with the high-end Android.

The Nokia 8 has been a tireless protagonist of rumors and leaks in recent months, so many of its features do not come as a surprise. Following the tradition of the extinct Lumia family, Nokia again emphasizes the photographic section with a Zeiss lens that also comes in duplicate this time. These are all the features of the Nokia 8.

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