Biometric security in Note 7, what does the iris scanner regarding the fingerprint reader?

Note 7

In recent years, our digital universe has migrated to mobile and our smartphones have become a sort of personal diary, a place to store all types of files and data, from the photos we did in our last outing with friends to our bank details, hence security has as much importance.

With the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 we can say that the biometric security has been established as the most reliable method to protect the content of our terminals. It was first fingerprint sensors and now Samsung goes one-step further by integrating iris scanner in its new flagship, but what gives us this new security method with respect to the fingerprint reader? Is it better or worse than the footprint? We answer these and other questions below.

What is biometrics?

Not long ago the word sounded Biometrics us Chinese, but with the advent of fingerprint sensors to our phones has become a much more common term, but it does not hurt to remember that what biometric security is.

We can use to identify a card or type a password, but in both cases there is a risk that lose or forget our data and also that we be stolen, which is avoided with the use of biometric systems.

When we talk about biometry we are talking about the physical characteristics that define us and that they are unique to each individual. Biometrics are our fingerprints, our face, our way of walking, our voice or, of course, our iris.

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