Reducing the Risks of Data Leaks in your Workplace

Making sure that confidential and sensitive data is kept out of the wrong hands is an essential part of running a business. Whatever type of business you run, you will have information that is stored in the office or on computers that should be kept away from people who are not authorised to see it, both employee and customer information.

Here are three things that can help you to maintain confidentiality in the workplace and reduce the chances of data leaks…

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Training – Making sure that all staff are trained and know what to do when it comes to managing sensitive data is really important. Regular training and refreshing this is a way to make sure that standards are always kept high and that no confidential data is handled incorrectly.

Communication – Making sure that people are aware of what to do and what information needs to be treated confidentially is essential. If you keep documents for example, make sure that they are labelled as confidential. When emails or electronic documents are shared, clearly mark these as confidential if they are to be treated that way.

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Disposal – When it comes to getting rid of confidential information that you no longer need, there needs to be a way to do this securely. Many businesses use a service like this confidential waste disposal Cardiff based company to ensure that information is being destroyed safely.

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