If you want to play the computer in the TV lounge, attentive to Samsung: Steam Link on their TVs

Samsung likes to add services and features to their TVs to try to make a difference with competitors, mainly focused on LG. The next thing we will see – the Koreans have not yet been delivered – is the integration of technology Steam Link in their new TVs.

What does this mean? Therefore, be able to play on the big screen with what we have running on your computer. Valve is what has discussed the possibility at the conference Steam Dev Days that took place in Seattle, and so have given visibility specialists on the subject as Steam Spy. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement for details about models, dates, and possibilities.

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What is Steam Link?

Steam Link is an accessory that is now available, costs 50 dollars and allows us to send the game PC to TV salon, by a simple example. It works in a way similar to ‘Game Streaming’ Xbox, and needs no cable through between the computer and the TV. We analyze it for you at the beginning of the year:

In the case of peripheral Valve, we do need to connect it to the mains and the TV, but the expected integration into TVs Samsung eliminates the number of pots in the room, which we appreciate.

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Users will need the usual methods of control on a PC, either a pad, mouse or keyboard. These must be connected to Steam Link to work, we now understand that wireless will go directly to the TV. I am sure that Samsung takes some combo of peripherals, with the Valve Steam driver included.

What we have to be clear that what the TV is receiving the computer image – like a streaming – the graphics quality will always depend on the strength of our team. For the transmission is good it takes a good WiFi connectivity at home, or connect via Ethernet. The maximum video quality is 1080p.

We remind you that this has nothing to do with gaming service in the cloud that Samsung already offers in its Smart TVs. Sony is offering this in Samsung TVs with PlayStation Now, which can pair them with DualShock 4 controller.

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