The worst fiscal year Apple iPhone sales fall for third consecutive quarter

Apple is releasing the financial results for its fourth fiscal quarter, keeping the line of analyst forecasts where the iPhone still does not rebound and presents its third consecutive fall , leading to the company present a decrease in income compared to the previous year presented.

In total, Apple is showing revenues of 46,852 million dollars, representing a decline of 9% over the same period last year, thus maintaining the trend we saw a year ago when apparently the company reached the ceiling of its growth and that in the previous two quarters has been reflected with declines in almost all products.

Apple iPhone sales
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The first annual revenue decline since 2001

No surprises, both Apple and analysts predicted that the company would keep this whole year trend, so again we see negative numbers but let the market already expected, so the impact is not so great and that makes Apple not lose so much money in the bag because it keeps the figures and the promise of growth, where there are several factors that point to a recovery rates for the company.

Being the fourth quarter also serves to hold the annual figures of the company, which as expected are having less income than the previous fiscal year, something that had not happened since 2001 . In total, Apple is reporting annual sales of 215,639 million dollars, while in 2015 total sales were for 233,715 million.

Despite this, Apple has broken a new record regarding the cash available toa figure of 237,600 million dollars, free money and used to invest in what they please.

Sights set on 2017

No doubt 2016 has been a difficult year for Apple, but this last quarter we see slight signs of recovery, plus analysts say factors such as the recall of Galaxy Note 7 will be beneficial for the company as it could represent at least one million new iPhone users in July, which will see reflected in the next quarter which will also be iPhone sales in July, so the start of 2017 for Apple looks promising after several setbacks.

Another factor that is helping to receive new investments and confidence in the company, is the expectation generated by the arrival of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, where it is expected that the present device a radical change and innovations that will drive the flagship product of the company.

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The iPhone accounts for 60% of company revenues

Now let’s get to the numbers, which will serve us for an overview of the company and trying to understand what happens. The iPhone is still the most important product for the company, so much so that 60% of revenues come from this device, so it is normal that the least sign of disease affecting the whole company significantly.

For the fourth quarter iPhone sales reported by 45,513 million devices with revenues of 28,160 million dollars, which means a drop of 5% in units and 13% in revenue over the same quarter last year.

iPad remains, Mac falls, and services surprise

With respect to other devices we have the Mac with a drop of 14% in units and 17% revenue growth , a trend that is expected to reverse in 2017 with the launch we will have next Thursday and renew much of the line laptops the company, something that has not happened in four years.

Here is noteworthy iPad case, which maintains its downward trend by selling fewer devices than in previous years, but curiously have grown and this quarter is maintained, which is caused by release of the iPad Pro and an increase in the price means the product, which means that although Apple is selling less iPad, still earning the same money and even more.

On the other hand we have the surprise of the “Services Apple”, where the App Stores, Apple Pay and services based on the Internet, which have had an increase of 24% over the previous year, this caused by a brutal increase of 500% in transactions through Apple Pay, plus the sale of applications continues to rise.

Services are currently for Apple’s second source of income with 13%, outpacing Mac with 12% and iPad with 9%, while the “Other”, where the Beats devices are, Apple Watch and Apple TV, it stays with 5% of revenues.

It will certainly be interesting to see how receives the 2017 Apple, as all analysts forecast a significant recovery that will take the company to have new record highs, so the next year is shaping up to be the best year for the company Tim Cook there will be the slopes. More onĀ

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