Driving Home for Christmas – How to ensure your car is up to the journey

Christmas and New Year’s is a time to get together with family and friends, and for people to travel by car all over the country to meet up with loved ones and enjoy the festivities. But before you start your journey there and back, give your car a little TLC to limit the chances of you breaking down – after all, nobody wants to spend New Years Eve stuck on the side of the motorway!

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Keys – One of the simplest things can turn out to be a nightmare and can stop you before you have even got started! Losing your car keys is easily avoidable though – the best thing to do is always to keep a spare key in your home, in a safe place. If you are going to be staying away from home, it may be worth taking the spare key with you in a separate place to the key that you use so if you lose it whilst you are away you can still get back.

Tyres – It is important to check the tread depth on your tyres regularly, but particularly before you embark on a long journey. If you think that you have a problem with the tyres or wheels get it checked and sorted out by a specialist before you go. It is also good to be aware that if you are travelling with a heavy load – a car full of luggage and Christmas presents – then you may need to change your cars tyre pressure to accommodate this. Your car’s hand book will have the information in it.

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Batteries – Battery problems are the most common cause of breakdowns. Most battery problems are caused by doing lots of short journeys which does not give the battery a chance to charge. If this sounds like something that you do, it is a good idea by charging the battery overnight a couple of times a month, before making a long journey. If you do think that you have a more serious problem with your car battery, get it checked out before you go. A car battery supplier will be able to provide you with a new one if necessary – visit Groves batteries for your car battery requirements to give you peace of mind before you travel. Batteries should be checked when your car is serviced, so you should be made aware of any problems at the time.

These are a few of the most common problems, but it is a good idea before you set off on a long journey to do a general car health check – check oil and water levels and if anything doesn’t feel quite right, get it seen to by a specialist before you set off.

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