UK Property types. A short guide.

There are many styles and options for the UK homeowner to choose from when it comes to buying a home. Regardless of the kind of home, you choose one thing is set in stone; you will need the services of a good conveyancer company like Sam Conveyancing and their regular updates via Conveyancing news also come in handy.  If you are wondering about the types of homes available here are some of them for you to have a look through

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  1. The Bungalow. This is a single ground-level property with, in some cases, an upper storey in the roof. They are usually very popular with the retired buyers market or those looking to downsize.
  2. The Townhouse. In complete contrast to the Bungalow, we have the Townhouse. It is a multi-storey property that is known for its tallness. It saves space whilst still providing plenty of rooms.
  3. Standard construction. This covers all other properties. These can be any size, from 1 to 5 bedrooms. The vast majority are made with brickwork.
  4. Chalets. These are wooden constructions, ground floor only for the most part. They feature significantly in the holiday home market, but they can also be found as a family home. On the continent, they still prove to be very popular.

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  1. Prefabricated buildings. After the Second World war, there was a desperate need to make homes and dwellings for people as soon as possible. Sheets of reinforced concrete and metal were bolted to together to make a home. It worked well, and many still exist, but most were condemned in the 1980s as being unsafe as the concrete was crumbling around the bolts.
  1. Stone. Very rare now, but there are examples in Scotland, mainly in the Highlands and Islands, called Blackhouses. These look like stone-age dwellings.

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