Essential Elements of Good Website Design

One of the first and most important essential elements of good website design is the ability to navigate the website easily. Navigation menus should be easy to find and understand and provide direction to any page on the site. It’s also important that navigation is consistent and easy to use. Ideally, your website should have five to ten menu navigation items.

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It’s essential to remember that people are visual creatures. Using great graphics can add visual appeal and make your website more inviting. Keep in mind that you only have a fraction of a second to impress a visitor. Use scrolling text sparingly, animations, flash intros, etc. For help with Websites for schools, contact

Colour and spacing are other essential elements of good design. If you have a logo or a brand name, you should keep the colours consistent throughout your design. Don’t use a rainbow of colours – keep your colour scheme to one or two, for consistency’s sake. You should also have a clear call to action, which should be easily identifiable and not hidden by too much other clutter.

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Besides having good content, good website design also needs to be easy to navigate. The navigation is an integral part of the website and plays an important role in user satisfaction. Using white space between content elements helps give your website breathing space and makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.

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