iPhone 7 without headset port: Apple has been successful with this decision? We are debating its pros and cons

The new iPhone in July and 7 Plus, the absence of the headphone port is one of the aspects that debate has arisen. Comes with water resistance, brighter screen, better camera (even double in the iPhone 7 Plus as we saw in our first impressions), the more power … but few stop talking headphone port.

On whether Apple has been successful or not, if you have done thinking about the user or the pros and cons of that decision current passing through a new One to One. A discussion the absence of the headphone port on the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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Preparing the future of interaction with the smartphone

The withdrawal headphone port is key to Apple some arguing advance their devices. The company has taken advantage of the withdrawal to include stereo sound from the speakers, something that really appreciate but not anything to brag yet, and pave the way for a series of models of headphones with free Lighting of which will bring indirect benefit thanks to the certifications.

The sound quality that we have seen when using headphones cannot say that has really changed to a consumer level no audio expert. However, user – level yes we can expect a more promising than the old future jack 3.5 mm.

The Lighting port will allow integration with Siri, better controls and in general, the benefits associated with digital work instead of analog. Yes, just as with the Android to give the jump to a USB-C port.

The counterpart now is that those who want to use their headphones header must use an adapter, which is, included the DAC converter. The good news is that, although it is not usual, Apple puts him number on the box of the new iPhone. At first glance, given the experience with some original connectors Apple, we believe an accessory that will suffer greatly with use and should probably not too late to change.

Yes that seems right brave attempt to Apple by encouraging the use of wireless and wired connectivity to that in your case the new AirPods as protagonists. How is invisible to the user the link, when detecting what we wear or not to stop the music, which can be used hands – free … then yes that Apple has introduced a number of improvements over standard wireless equipment we like. But at a high cost but logical when we are talking about a team with self – developed chip, good bluetooth connectivity and also to include the converter digital – to – analog (DAC).

Of these AirPods and we like less you have to go with another element (the storage box and cargo) when we left home, and the loss of security that will always be ready by the battery issue. And of course, except for “other accessory” it is no longer possible to have loading terminal on the table while listening to music with headphones that are not wireless.

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Nor has it been the first nor the last

We will not have the Game Boy as the first consumer gadget not wearing headphone jack 3.5 mm, but it is true that the iPhone 7 is not the first terminal that dares to leave without headphone port users (there have input the Moto Z). Nor will be the last.

Like other lines of work in the industry, so the port will come sooner or later headphones, and we will be starting next year when we begin to see more reference models of high – end ending with this port, replacing listening audio wireless connectivity or headset USB-C connection.

The current validity of this change brings us many doubts. A consumer level does not seem to be differences between the sound without headphone Lighting or with him, nor has weight that extra space, for example, increase battery capacity. Other manufacturer can do so without sacrificing this port.

But the future looks better yes ports where digital premium, as the Lighting Apple itself, or USB-C. And you how you see it?

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