Did you like the NES Mini? With this cartridge with Raspberry Pi and 2400 Zero games you are going to hallucinate

Projects emulators consoles are not new, but the arrival of the new NES Mini is serving for people interested to delve into the wonderful world of the maker community, where they can jump-start fascinating projects with the help of a Raspberry Pi, which it offers possibilities (almost) endless.

Today we will know one of the most amazing projects born of the imagination and ingenuity of the members of the maker community, because it makes use of an original piece of the NES, in this case a cartridge, to turn it into a powerful emulator console with capacity for 2400 classic games.

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Know the Pi-tendo

Zach Howchoo is presenting us an incredible opportunity for those who want a console classic game with an original design and without spending much money idea. Pi-tendo is one of the best projects we’ve seen for the Raspberry Pi Zero , since its size and to allow to have everything in a small size but with a wide range of options.

In addition to the cartridge and the Raspberry Pi Zero, you need a small USB hub and adapters so that everything works perfect where it is noteworthy that the use of hub is optional, as it is only for those who want their mini console support connection several controls.

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Our console-cartridge is powered by RetroPi, the emulator software that will give us access to a variety of consoles. The result is a small, portable console with mini HDMI port, USB controller ports and a micro USB for connecting to electricity.

The whole process has been documented in the web of Zack and there may consular all project details of this fascinating Pi-tendo.

Zach also mentions that this format lends itself to add other features, such as a WiFi module, but the idea was to make it as affordable as possible.Besides already working on a variant to add more capacity and a heat sink, because after long hours of game cartridge gets “something hot”.

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