Apple Announces New MacBook with Intel Core M 2016 sixth-generation

Since falling sharply presence within the Apple Store, here is that Apple officially the ‘ update of the MacBook going to introduce some new features that are definitely happy the many admirers of the new notebook model – remember that this is the thinnest and lightest notebook ever created by Apple – but not without leaving a little ‘bitter taste in the mouth.

New MacBook
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Let’s start from the good things: the design is virtually identical to the MacBook 2015 model (here the data sheet MacBook 2015 ) although but now the Cupertino company has also added the color pink gold , definitely geared to a female audience, or to the many children who however, they appreciate the shades chosen by Apple. The battery has grown, although slightly compared to the past, and is now able to provide an extra hour of use also and above all thanks to the optimization of OS X El Capitan, the total absence of fans – remember that the MacBook is completely fanless – and extremely parsimonious processors in terms of energy consumption.

Staying on the subject processor, inside the MacBook in 2016 we find the Intel Core M sixth-generation starting from a 1.1-GHz m3 (in boost up to 2.2 GHz) with 4 MB of cache memory, or a m5 1.2 GHz (in boost up to 2.7 GHz) always with 4 MB of cache memory. Alternatively, during the purchase, it can also opt for either a 1.3 GHz Intel Core m7 (in boost up to 3.1 GHz).

Important steps forward would seem to have been made with regard to the integrated video card that passes from one Intel HD Graphics 5300 with a more modern and handsome Intel HD Graphics 515, which should ensure graphics performance up to 25% more agile than the previous generation of MacBook. Finally there remain unchanged the amount of RAM and SSD while, as we said just above, the battery went from 39 to 41.4 Wh.

We come instead to dolente keys: firstly remains unfortunately only door USB 3.1 Type-C – it would be appropriate to insert another to make life a little’ easier for the small MacBook users – as well as a FaceTime camera front from just 480p; from this point of view we would have expected a small step forward by Apple that seems rather not consider those who frequently use video chat services.

The price is unchanged for the full spec model. If you are looking for lightweight Apple computers, fancy design with a display Retina IPS 12-inch, the MacBook 2016 could be for you. To control all the details, to purchase or simply admire the new photos of the presentation, you just follow the Apple site; but if you want to see it and touch it with his hand in one of many Apple Store scattered in our country is not enough to wait 24 hours.

Little gem: Apple now has extended the presence of 8 GB of RAM as a minimum configuration on all MacBook Air 13″.

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