Nest Hello: A camera connected so you always know who knocks on the door

Nest has been marketing outdoor and indoor cameras for a long time, and the latest of its proposals now reaches. This is Nest Hello, the camera that is combined with the doorbell to the door to our home and that allows a much more powerful control who calls that door.

This product is an interesting alternative in a scenario that for Nest was not resolved, and that now has a specific solution. One that also focuses on sending visual notifications so you know at all times who is on the other side of the door of your house.

A camera specifically designed to monitor the house door

Nest Hello

The firm has been offering connected solutions for the home for some time, and there is special attention to cameras that allow us to increase the level of security in our homes. This is the case of Nest Outdoor, Nest Indoor and Nest Cam IQ that we had the opportunity to analyze recently.

The new Nest Hello complements these products, but is specifically focused on converting that traditional peephole and bell from our homes into a much more powerful system. The camera is installed precisely on the outside of the door, where we would usually find the bell, and has both the sensor on the top of its design (3 Mpixels, 1/3 inch, 160° field of view) and a button that acts as a bell at the bottom.

Nest Hello

The camera, which has IPx4 certification (resistance to rain) inherits part of the functionality of previous products in this area, but goes a little further above all in the notifications that it sends both to our smartphone and, if we want, to our watch smart . In them a notification will appear advising that a person has been detected, but also a capture is attached in which it is possible to quickly check who is the person who is on the other side of the door.

The bell that even talks to visitors

The Nest Hello camera captures high definition image both day and night, and its infrared LEDs allow that caller to be viewed by the owners of the home. When someone knocks at the door, a ring lights up surrounding that particular doorbell to “welcome” that visitor, from which the doorbell rings and the alert is generated with the capture of the image of the caller to the door.

Nest Hello

The capture is done in 4:3 format to be able to take a complete picture: in Nest they indicate how the 16: 9 format is not the most appropriate in these cases. In those captures, HDR technology is also used, which improves the image quality in all scenarios.

The Nest Hello also allows the visitor to speak with the host of the house once the bell rings, but there are also striking options such as choosing pre-recorded answers other languages as well (indicating for example that you open or leave the package at the foot of the door) if at that time you cannot talk to whoever is behind the door.

Nest Hello

Another feature of the system is to establish “silent” periods that go from 30 minutes to 3 hours – it is possible to configure other time ranges – and that are useful if we prefer that the doorbell does not sound for any reason. In that case we will continue to receive notifications on our devices, while the visitor will know that you have pressed the button for a small tone that verifies that Nest Hello has effectively “called” home even if the doorbell is not heard.

Nest also offer the possibility of having additional options thanks to its Nest Aware service. This service offers for example continuous video recording (in resolution 1600×1200 up to 30 fps), which can be saved in the basic service for five days (on the sixth day it would be deleted from the first, and so on consecutively) and it will allow us to “rewind” to see what happened at any time of those five days before.

Nest Hello

This payment service also offers more personalized notifications, since it is possible to “train” the system so that it recognizes certain familiar faces and the notifications indicate that this person is indeed known.

At Nest, we recommend that a professional electrician install the Nest Hello camera in our house because of the installation requirements, which are not particularly complex but can make it difficult to start up for users not familiar with these systems.

Nest Hello, availability and price

The camera will be available from June 15, and the company also indicate that they will have a series of professional installers to complete the task, although they could not specify the price of the installation since it can vary greatly from one case to another.

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